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Leisure Suit Larry 7 Love for Sail (1996)(Sierra Online).zip

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Automation Menu Disk 410 (19xx)(Automation)[m LGD][a].zip

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Hewlett Packard Hp48 roms

   rom index 50 / 134 Total hewlett packard hp48 roms
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-   HP Quest Part 2 - The Return To The Kingdom (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   HP Quest Part 3 - Inside The Castle (199x)(Jeremie Bellanger).zip
-   HP-48 Poker V1.0 (199x)(John D. Donat).zip
-   HP48G Ver M (1993)(HP).zip
-   HP48G Ver R (1993)(HP).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   HP48G Ver R (1993)(HP)[a].zip
-   HP48S Ver E (1989)(HP).zip
-   HP49-B V1.19-5 (2000)(HP).zip
-   HpChess V1.0 (1995)(Franck Zibi)(Fr).zip
-   Hunt The Wumpus (199x)(Mike Bryant).zip
-   Hunt The Wumpus V1.0 (199x)(Christopher Emery).zip
-   Hunter Project V1.0a (1995)(DynHP)(Fr).zip
-   Hunter Project V1.0b (1995)(DynHP)(Fr).zip
-   Illuminated Earth V1.0 (1998)(Arnold Moy).zip
-   Illuminated Earth V1.0 (1998)(Arnold Moy)[doc].zip
-   Kekos Quest (199x)(-).zip
-   Legends (demo) (199x)(IceHP).zip
-   Lemedit (199x)(-)(Fr).zip
-   Lemedit (199x)(The Master)(Fr)(GX).zip
-   Lemmings V1.2 (1994)(Dinechin)(Fr).zip
-   Lode Runner Tabs (199x)(Pitfeuil)(Fr).zip
-   Lode Runner V1.8b (1994)(HPower).zip
-   Lode Runner V2.0 (1995)(HPower).zip
-   Lzss (1992)(E. Lesueur).zip
-   Magic (199x)(HPPF).zip
-   MAP V1.0 (1997)(Arnold Moy).zip
-   MAP V1.0 (1997)(Arnold Moy)[doc].zip
-   MarioHP (199x)(Julien Meyer)(Fr).zip
-   Mercator (2000)(James Gentles).zip
-   Mercator (2000)(James Gentles)[doc].zip
-   Metodos (199x)(Sergio Paniagua Javier).zip
-   Micro Lib (19xx)(HP Mad)(Fr).zip
-   Mini Lode (1994)(E.L.).zip
-   Mission Impossible (1995)(HP Fox)(Fr).zip
-   Monopoly V1.1 (19xx)(P.G.).zip
-   Mus 48 V2.0b (1998)(Ruben Perez).zip
-   Mus 48 V2.0b (1998)(Ruben Perez)[doc 1].zip
-   Mus 48 V2.0b (1998)(Ruben Perez)[doc 2].zip
-   Ocrunch V1.0 (1993)(HPDream,CoolHP,Ludwig).zip
-   Paintball 2000 V1.03 (1995)(Jean-Louis Bahans)(Fr).zip
-   Phonix (19xx)(Davor Jadrijevic)(GX)[Yo].zip
-   Pirates Adventure (1994)(J-F Garnier).zip
-   PK Compress Library (1997)(HP-48Maniac).zip
-   PK Compress Library (1997)(HP-48Maniac)[doc].zip
-   Poker (1992)(Mauro Sgarban).zip
-   Poker (1992)(Mauro Sgarban)[src].zip
-   Poker V1.01 (199X)(Jan Brittenson).zip
-   Poker V1.01 (199X)(Jan Brittenson)[doc].zip
-   Poker V1.01 (199X)(Jan Brittenson)[tr Fr].zip
-   Prince Of Persia SX (199X)(Iki).zip


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Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
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