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Tangerine Oric roms

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 #   Rom Name 
-   M.A.R.C. (19xx).7z
-   Madacam Bumper (1985).7z
-   Magnetix By Twilighte (1994).7z
-   Manoir Du Dr. Genius, Le (1983).7z
-   Marvel Adventure #1 - The Hulk (19xx).7z
-   Masque D'or Du Pharaon, Le (1985).7z
-   Maze Rally (19xx).7z
-   Mefies-Toi De Mephisto (1985).7z
-   Megabase (1985).7z
-   Memoric Mag Type-in 1 (19xx).7z
-   Memoric Mag Type-in 2 (19xx).7z
-   Menu Program (19xx).7z
-   Meurtre Au Manoir (19xx).7z
-   Millionaire (1984).7z
-   Mined Out V2 (19xx).7z
-   Miner (1983).7z
-   Mini Sedoric Menu (1993).7z
-   Mission Delta (1984).7z
-   Mission Delta - Ecole De Pilotage (1984).7z
-   Mission Impossible! (1984).7z
-   Mizar (1984).7z
-   Morpion (1984).7z
-   Morpion 10x10 (19xx).7z
-   Morpion 3D (19xx).7z
-   Morts-Subites (1983).7z
-   Mr. Wimpy (1984).7z
-   Multifiler (19xx).7z
-   Multigames Disc By Loricels (1984).7z
-   Multigraf Programme De D.A.O. (19xx).7z
-   Mumpye (19xx).7z
-   Mused By Twilighte (1991).7z
-   Mushroom Mania (1983).7z
-   Musique Dance (19xx).7z
-   Mystere De Kikekankoi (1983-84).7z
-   Mystere De La Derniere Visu, Le (19xx).7z
-   Mysterious Adventure #9 - Perseus And Andromeda (1983).7z
-   Mysterious Adventures - Timemachine (19xx).7z
-   Mystery Tower (19xx).7z


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