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Acorn Bbc Micro roms

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-   Uggies Garden (1990)(Superior)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Uggies Garden (1990)(Superior)[RUN !BOOT Start].zip
-   Ultimate PD Games (19xx)(GLM)[bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Ultra Intelligent Machine (1989)(4th Dimension)[a2][bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Ultra Intelligent Machine (1989)(4th Dimension)[a][bootfile].zip
-   Ultra Intelligent Machine (1989)(4th Dimension)[bootfile].zip
-   Ultra Intelligent Machine (1989)(4th Dimension)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Ultron (1984)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Ultron (1984)(Partis Soft)[a][ULTRON Start].zip
-   Ultron (1984)(Partis Soft)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Ultron (1984)(Partis Soft)[ULTRON Start].zip
-   Ultron (1986)(Audiogenic)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Ultron (1986)(Audiogenic)[ULTRON Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[a][ULTRON Start].zip
-   Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
Trainer And Cheats   Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[h TSTH][t][bootfile-infinite Lives].zip
-   Ultron (19xx)(Alligata)[ULTRON Start].zip
-   Ultron (19xx)(Viper)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[a][CLAUDE Start].zip
-   Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[CLAUDE Start].zip
-   Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
Trainer And Cheats   Uncle Claude (1984)(Alligata)[h TSTH][t][bootfile].zip
-   Underground Adventure (19xx)(-)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Up, Up And Away (19xx)(M.J. Aspden)[UP&AWAY Start].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Uranians (1986)(Bug Byte)[a][URAN Start].zip
-   Uranians (1986)(Bug Byte)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Uranians (1986)(Bug Byte)[URAN Start].zip
Bad Dump   Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[b][bootfile].zip
Bad Dump   Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[b][URIDIUM Start].zip
-   Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   Uridium (1987)(Hewson)[h TSTH][t +3][bootfile].zip
Bad Dump   US Drag Racing (19xx)(Tynesoft)[b].zip
-   US Drag Racing (19xx)(Tynesoft)[h TSTH][bootfile].zip
-   US Drag Racing (19xx)(Tynesoft)[US Start].zip
-   US Drag Racing (19xx)(Tynesoft)[US.DRAG Start].zip
-   US Gold Games (19xx)(-)(Side 0).zip
-   US Gold Games (19xx)(-)(Side 1).zip
-   US Gold Games (19xx)(-)[bootfile].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   US Invaders (19xx)(-)[a][INVLOAD Start].zip
-   US Invaders (19xx)(-)[INVLOAD Start].zip
-   Utilities (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-136).zip
-   Utilities (19xx)(8-Bit)(TBI-137).zip
-   Utilities 1 (19xx)(Red Shift)[h 8-Bit][bootfile-TBI-39].zip
-   Utilities Disk 5 (1991)(GLM)[MENU Start].zip
-   Utilities Menu (19xx)(-)(TBI-103-1)[bootfile-ADFS].zip
-   Utilities Menu (19xx)(-)(TBI-103-3)[bootfile-ADFS].zip
-   Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 0).zip
-   Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 0)[bootfile].zip
-   Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 1).zip
-   Utility & Language ROMS (19xx)(-)(Side 1)[bootfile].zip


Legend Key
Good Bad
Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
Over Dump Over Dump


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