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Atari 2600

Jungle Hunt (1982) (CCE).zip

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Snakes Revenge (E) [!].zip

Sinclair Zx Spectrum

Big Trouble In Little China (1986)(Electric Dreams Software).zip

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Atari 2600 roms

   rom index 150 / 2,687 Total atari 2600 roms
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Verified Good   Atari Video Cube (1982) (Atari) [!].zip
Verified Good   Atlantis (1982) (Activision) [!].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Atlantis (1982) (Activision) [a1].zip
Verified Good   Atlantis (1982) (CCE) [!].zip
Verified Good   Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) [!].zip
Verified Good   Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) (PAL) [p1][!].zip
Verified Good   Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) [!].zip
Over Dump   Atlantis (1982) (Imagic) [o1].zip
-   Atlantis (CCE).zip
-   Atlantis (Hack 01) (TJ) (Atlantis Hack).zip
-   Atlantis FH (2003) (TJ) (Atlantis Hack).zip
Verified Good   Atlantis II (1982) (Imagic) [!].zip
-   Attack Of The Mutant Space Urchins (2002) (Barry Laws Jr.) (Alien Hack).zip
Verified Good   Aufruhr Im Zoo (Starsoft) (PAL) [!].zip
-   Auto-mobile Demo (2001) (Eckhard Stolberg).zip
Verified Good   Autorennen (AKA Grand Prix) (Ariola) (PAL) [!].zip
Public Domain or Free   Baby Center Animation (PD).zip
-   Bachelor Party (1982) (Mystique).zip
-   Bachelorette Party (1982) (Mystique-Playaround).zip
Verified Good   Backgammon (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [!].zip
-   Backgammon (1978) (Atari).zip
-   Backwards Cannonball V1 (Human Cannonball Hack).zip
-   Backwards Cannonball V2 (Human Cannonball Hack).zip
-   Balls! (16-09-2002) (Fabrizio Zavagli).zip
-   Balthazar (aka Babylon 5) (SnailSoft).zip
Verified Good   Bank Heist (1983) (20th Century Fox) (w-Skull Island Label) (PAL) [!].zip
-   Bank Heist (1983) (20th Century Fox).zip
-   Bar-Score Demo (2001) (Roger Williams).zip
Public Domain or Free   Barber Pole Demo (PD).zip
Verified Good   Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) (PAL) [!].zip
Verified Good   Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) [!].zip
Over Dump   Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) [o1].zip
Verified Good   Barnstorming (1982) (Activision) [p1][!].zip
-   Barnstorming (CCE).zip
Public Domain or Free   Bars And Text Demo (PD).zip
Public Domain or Free   Bars And Text Demo 2 (PD).zip
Public Domain or Free   Bars And Text Demo 3 (PD).zip
Verified Good   Base Attack (AKA Z-Tack,Laser-Loop,Sky Scrapper) (HomeVision) (PAL) [!].zip
Verified Good   Baseball (2002) (Skyworks) [!].zip
Verified Good   Basic Programming (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [!].zip
-   Basic Programming (1978) (Atari).zip
Verified Good   Basketball (1978) (Atari) (PAL) [!].zip
Over Dump   Basketball (1978) (Atari) [o1].zip
-   Basketball (1978) (Atari).zip
Verified Good   Basketball (32-in-1) (Atari) (PAL) [!].zip
-   Battle For Naboo By Josh (Atlantis Hack).zip
Verified Good   Battlezone (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [!].zip
Verified Good Alternate Rom Dump   Battlezone (1983) (Atari) (PAL) [a1][!].zip
Verified Good   Battlezone (1983) (Atari) [!].zip
-   Battlezone TC By Thomas Jentzsch (2 Joystick Hack).zip


Legend Key
Good Bad
Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
Over Dump Over Dump


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