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Atari 8-bit roms

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-   J.G Zin #1 (1997)(Jakub Gora)(Pl).zip
-   J.G Zin #2 (1997)(-)(Pl).zip
-   J.t.t.S.o.t.U. (1989)(Magic Crystal)(De).zip
-   Jackson- Billy Jean (1990)(Atarman)(Pl).zip
-   Jaffar (1993)(Mirage)(Pl).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jaffar (1993)(Mirage)(Pl)[a].zip
-   Jagdstaffel (1980)(Discovery).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jagdstaffel (1980)(Discovery)[a].zip
-   James Bond (1984)(Parker Bros).zip
-   James Bond - Moonraker (1984)(Parker Bros).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   James Bond - Moonraker (1984)(Parker Bros)[a].zip
-   James Brown Demo (1993)(NBS)[Turbo Basic XL].zip
-   Janes Program (19xx)(Douglas Crockford).zip
-   Janosik (19xx)(Mirage)[cr Aura].zip
-   Jaskiniowiec (demo) (1994)(Stanislaw Skwiot Aka Stanley)(Pl).zip
-   Java Jim (1984)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra)[a].zip
-   Jawbreaker (1982)(Sierra)[tr De].zip
-   Jawbreaker 3 (1980)(Sierra).zip
-   Jawbreaker 4 (1983)(Sierra).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jawbreaker Contruction Set (19xx)(Utopia)[a][Basic].zip
-   Jawbreaker Contruction Set (19xx)(Utopia)[Basic].zip
-   JBWs Quick UnAssembler V1.5 (19xx)(JBW)(Pl).zip
-   Jeepers Creepers (1982)(Quality).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jeepers Creepers (1982)(Quality)[a].zip
-   Jerkoff Junior (1983)(Kloey Detect)[h Of Jumpman Jr].zip
-   Jet Action, The (1992)(L.K. Avalon)[cr Mr. Bacardi].zip
-   Jet Boot Jack (1983)(English).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Jet Boot Jack (1983)(English)[a].zip
Trainer And Cheats   Jet Boot Jack (1983)(English)[t].zip
-   Jet Graphics Planner V1.0 Small (1993)(Dariusz Zolna)(Pl).zip
-   Jet Set Willy (19xx)(Tynesoft).zip
-   Jetman (19xx)(David Eaton).zip
-   Jewel Eater (1985)(Hickethier).zip
-   Jewels Of Darkness #1 - Colossal Adventure (1986)(Level 9).zip
-   Jewels Of Darkness #3 - Dungeon Adventure (1986)(Level 9).zip
-   Jewels Of Darkness, The (1986)(Level 9).zip
-   Jigsaws - Baa Baa Black Sheep (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Hickory Dickory Dock (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Humpty Dumpty (1980)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Jack & Jill (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - London Bridge (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Notre Dame (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Pathenogen (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Rome (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Tower Of London (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jigsaws - Windsor Castle (1981)(Thorn EMI).zip
-   Jocky Wilsons Darts Challenge (19xx)(I. Copeland)[cr Mr. Bacardi].zip
-   Joe Blade (1988)(Players)(PAL)[cr LPS].zip


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