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Bally Astrocade roms

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-   280 Zzzap & Dodgem (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2001].zip
-   Amazing Maze & Tic-Tac-Toe (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 5001].zip
-   Artillery Duel (1982)(Bally)[release Number 5005].zip
Over Dump   Astro Battle AKA Space Invaders (1981)(Astrovision)[o][release Number 2009].zip
-   Bally Basic (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 6002].zip
Over Dump   Bally Pin AKA Astrocade Pinball (1981)(Bally)[o][release Number 3005].zip
-   Blackjack & Poker & Acey-Duecy (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 5002].zip
-   Blast Droids (19xx)(Esoterica).zip
-   Clowns & Brickyard (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2004].zip
-   Cosmic Raider (19xx)(Astrovision)[release Number 2019].zip
-   Dogpatch (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2010].zip
-   Elementary Math & Bingo Math AKA Speed Math & Bingo Math (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 4001].zip
-   Football (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 3002].zip
-   Galactic Invasion AKA Galaxian (1981)(Astrovision)[release Number 2011].zip
-   Grand Prix AKA Grand Prix & Demolition Derby (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2014].zip
-   Gunfight & Checkmate & Calculator & Scribbling (1978)(Bally)[release Number 6001].zip
-   Incredible Wizard, The (1981)(Astrovision)[release Number 2017].zip
-   Letter Match & Spell N Score & Crosswords (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 4002].zip
-   Machine Language Manager (1981)(Bit Fiddlers).zip
-   Muncher (19xx)(Esoterica).zip
-   Panzer Attack & Red Baron (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2003].zip
Over Dump   Seawolf & Missile (19xx)(Bally)[o][release Number 2002].zip
-   Space Fortress (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 2012].zip
Over Dump   Star Battle (19xx)(Astrovision)[o][release Number 2005].zip
-   Tornado Baseball, Tennis, Hockey & Handball (19xx)(Bally)[release Number 3001].zip


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