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Automation Menu Disk 464 (19xx)(Automation)[m LGD](Disk 3 of 3)(Part C).zip

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Asmik-kun Land (J) [T+Eng0.25 Gil Galad].zip

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Dos roms

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-   H2O (1995)(Webfoot Technologies).zip
-   Hacker (1985)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip
-   Halloween Harry (1993)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip
-   Hannibal (1994)(Microligue).zip
-   Hanse (1988)(Ariolasoft).zip
-   Hanse Die Expedition (1994)(Ascon)(G).zip
-   Hard Drivin (1989)(Domark).zip
-   Hard Drivin 2 Drive Harder (1991)(Tengen)(Rev1).zip
-   Hard Drivin 2 Drive Harder (1991)(Tengen).zip
-   Hard Hat Mack (1984)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Hardball 3 1993 Roster (1993)(Accolade).zip
-   Hardball 3+Big League Ballpark Addon (1993)(Accolade).zip
-   Hardball 4 (1994)(Accolade).zip
-   Hardball 4 CD (1995)(Accolade).zip
-   Hardball 4 Mlbpa Players Disk (1994)(Accolade).zip
-   HardBall 5 CD (1995)(Accolade).zip
-   Hardball III (1992)(Accolade).zip
-   Harley Davidson The Road To Sturgis (1989)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Harmony (1990)(Accolade).zip
-   Harpoon (1989)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip
-   Harpoon 2 (1994)(Three Sixty Software).zip
-   Harpoon 2 Admirals Edition (1994)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip
-   Harpoon 2 Westpac Expansion (1994)(Three Sixty Software).zip
-   Harpoon Classic (1994)(Three Sixty Software).zip
-   Harrier Assault (2002)(Freeware).zip
-   Hat Trick (1984)(Atari Inc).zip
-   Heart Of China (1991)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Heavy Barrel (1989)(Data East Corporation).zip
-   Heavy Metal (1989)(Access Software Inc).zip
-   Heimdall (1991)(Avalon Interactive).zip
-   Heimdall 2 Into The Hall Of Worlds (1994)(Core Design Ltd).zip
-   Helious (1993)(Sean Buckett).zip
-   Hell Of Lemmings 2 (1998)(Som).zip
-   Hell Of Lemmings 2 Original Install (1998)(Som).zip
-   Hellfire Zone CD (1995)(GameTek).zip
-   Heretic 1 (1994)(Id Software).zip
-   Heretic 100 New Levels (1995)(Raven Software).zip
-   Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders (1994)(Id Software).zip
-   Heretic Shadow Of The Serpent Riders (1996)(Id Software).zip
-   Heretic Shadows Of The Serpent Riders (1996)(Raven Software).zip
-   Hero Quest (1991)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd).zip
-   Hero Quest 4 (1991)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd).zip
-   Hero Quest So You Want To Be A Hero (1989)(Sierra Online).zip
-   Heroes Of Legend (1995)(Pacific Rim).zip
-   Heroes Of Might And Magic (1995)(New World Computing).zip
-   Heroes Of Might And Magic 2 (1996)(New World Computing).zip
-   Heroes Of The Lance (1988)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip
-   Hexagon 1 (1992)(Software Creations Ltd).zip
-   Hexagon 2 (1992)(Software Creations Ltd).zip
-   Hexen Beyond Heretic (1995)(Raven Software).zip


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