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Dos roms

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-   Saboteur II (1987)(Keypunch Software Inc).zip
-   Sabre Team (1994)(Krisalis).zip
-   Sabre Team Final (1994)(Microleague).zip
-   Safe Opening Simulator (1992)(Msd).zip
-   Sam And Max - Hit The Road (1992)(Lucas Arts).zip
-   Sam And Max Hit The Road (1992)(Lucas Arts).zip
-   Sam And Max Hit The Road (1993)(Lucas Arts).zip
-   Sam And Max Hit The Road CDROM (1993)(Lucas Arts).zip
-   Sam And Max Hit The Road Original Install (1993)(Lucas Arts).zip
-   Sand Storm (1992)(Mvp Software Personal Companion Software).zip
-   Sand Storm (1992)(Personal Companion Software).zip
-   Sango Fighter (1993)(Panda Entertainment Technology Co Ltd)(Rev).zip
-   Sango Fighter (1993)(Panda Entertainment Technology Co Ltd).zip
-   Sango Fighter (1994)(Panda Entertainment).zip
-   Santas Xmas Caper (1993)(Zeppelin).zip
-   Sarge (1988)(Capcom).zip
-   Sargon V (1991)(Activision).zip
-   Savage Warriors (1995)(Mindscape)(M5).zip
-   Save The Lemmings (1991)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Science Adventure Challenge (1989)(Isaac Asimou).zip
-   Scoop (1988)(Spinnaker).zip
-   Scoop The (1988)(Spinnaker).zip
-   Scorched Earth (1995)(Wendell Hicken)(Rev).zip
-   Scorched Earth (1995)(Wendell Hicken).zip
-   Scorched Earth 1.2 (1991)(Wendell Hicken).zip
-   Scorched Planet (1996)(Virgin).zip
-   Scorcher (1996)(GT Interactive)(Rev).zip
-   Scorcher (1996)(GT Interactive).zip
-   Scottish Open Multilanguage (1995)(Core Design)(M5).zip
-   Scout (1992)(Anonymous)(F).zip
-   Scrabble (1987)(Anonymous).zip
-   Scramble (1990)(Softdisk Publishing).zip
-   Screamball (1995)(US Gold).zip
-   Screamer (1995)(Milestone)(F).zip
-   Screamer 2 (1996)(Virgin).zip
-   Screamer CD (1995)(Virgin).zip
-   Screamer CD Network Files (1995)(Virgin).zip
-   Screen Thief 2.01 (1998)(Villa Software).zip
-   Scroll, The (1995)(Psygnosis).zip
-   Sdi (1987)(Mindscape Inc).zip
-   Sea Dragon (1982)(International).zip
-   Sea Wolf (1994)(Electronic Arts).zip
-   Seal Team (1993)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip
-   Search For Freedom (1994)(Howard Feldman).zip
-   Search For The King (1990)(Accolade).zip
-   Searching For Fossils (1994)(Marathon Technology Inc).zip
-   Seastalker (1984)(Infocom).zip
-   Seawolf (1982)(International Pc Owners).zip
-   Secret Agent Mission 1 (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip
-   Secret Agent Mission 2 (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip


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