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Oric roms

   rom index 0 / 1,236 Total oric roms
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-   0.did (Damsel In Distress) (UK) (1985).zip
-   007 - Dangereusement Votre (F) (1985).zip
-   1.did (Damsel In Distress) (UK) (1985).zip
-   2.did (Damsel In Distress) (UK) (1985).zip
-   3.did (Damsel In Distress) (UK) (1985).zip
-   3D Editor By Loriciel (F) (1984).zip
Bad Dump   3D Fongus (F) (1985) (Disk Version) [b1].zip
-   3D Fongus (F) (1985) (Disk Version).zip
Bad Dump   3D Fongus (F) (1985) [b1].zip
-   3D Fongus (F) (1985).zip
-   3D Luffar-Schack (UK) (1983).zip
-   3D Maze (UK) (1983).zip
-   3D Munch (F) (1985).zip
-   3D Noughts And Crosses (UK) (1984).zip
Public Domain or Free   3D Polygon Demo (F) (1998) (PD).zip
Public Domain or Free   3D Tunnel, The (F) (1998) (PD).zip
-   4 Games (F) (1983).zip
-   4.did (Damsel In Distress) (UK) (1985).zip
-   48k Oric Golf (UK) (1983).zip
Public Domain or Free   4K Kong By Mickael Pointier (UK) (Atmos) (19xx) (PD).zip
-   7eme Dan, Le (F) (19xx) (File 1 Of 4).zip
-   7eme Dan, Le (F) (19xx) (File 2 Of 4).zip
-   7eme Dan, Le (F) (19xx) (File 3 Of 4).zip
-   7eme Dan, Le (F) (19xx) (File 4 Of 4).zip
-   A.T.M - Air Terre Mer (F) (1985).zip
-   Acrobate (F) (19xx).zip
Bad Dump   Adventure Quest (UK) (1983) [b1].zip
-   Affaire En Or, Une (F) (19xx).zip
-   Africa (F) (19xx).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Agent 0013 (F) (1983) [a1].zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Agent 0013 (F) (1983) [a2].zip
-   Agent 0013 (F) (1983).zip
-   Aidez Cyprien A Rammasser Des Lettres (F) (1984).zip
Alternate Rom Dump   Aigle DOr, Le (F) (1984) [a1].zip
-   Aigle DOr, Le (F) (1984).zip
-   Aiglon (F) (1984).zip
-   Airfox (F) (1988) (File 1 Of 2).zip
-   Airfox (F) (1988) (File 2 Of 2).zip
-   Airline (UK) (1983) (Oric-1).zip
Public Domain or Free   ALCool (F) (19xx) (PD).zip
Public Domain or Free   Alien Storm (UK) (19xx) (PD).zip
Public Domain or Free   All In One Disk From Compo2003 (2003) (PD).zip
-   Alphabet (Loader) (F) (19xx).zip
-   Alphabet (Loader) (G) (19xx).zip
-   Am-1 A Amnukor Travail (F) (1984).zip
Public Domain or Free   Amazea (UK) (19xx) (PD).zip
-   Ammnukor Master Prg Princip (F) (1984).zip
-   Ammnukor Master Utilitaires (F) (1984).zip
-   Ammnukor Utilitaires - Side A (F) (1984).zip
-   Ammnukor Utilitaires - Side B (F) (1984).zip


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Verified Good   Verified Good
Cracked And Working  Cracked And Working
Alternate Rom Dump  Alternate Rom Dump
Trainer or Cheats  Trainer or Cheats
Bug or Other Fix  Bug or Other Fix
Hacked or Edited  Hacked or Edited
Public Domain Free For All  Public Domain (Free For All)
Bad Dump Bad Dump
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